• Fish Wong

On Formula 1

Netflix's Formula 1 series is one of my favourites on the platform. However, due to the covid-19 situation, this year's F1 season has been cancelling its matches.

A few days ago, I decided to scrape the competition data from the F1 website and do some data visualisation.

Driver's Data

Firstly, let's look at where are the F1 drivers come from.

It is obvious that those drivers are mainly from Europe, and only a few are from the Americas according to the past decade's data.

Now, we can have a more holistic view of the F1 drivers' data

Germany has produced the most F1 drivers, followed by the UK, France and Spain. While most of the famous teams like to recruit drivers from countries like the UK, Germany, Australia and Spain, Haas recruit its drivers from none of the selected countries. As expected, teams like Mercedes and Mclaren have most of the German and Brit drivers. Lastly, I guessed there are much more to consider behind every race throughout the decade, still I found it interesting to see how Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian changed position over the years.

Team and Position Data

Mercedes won most of the matches in most of the locations apart from in India and South Korea. And in Belgium, the three teams have won the same number of matches throughout the decade.

The graph below shows how team's position correlated to the score accumulated through matches.

Lastly, as F1 is going to restrict the amount of money spent, guess many people will be interested in the budget for each team.

The graph below is produced according to the data from 2019.