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On Covid-19 (31 Mar)

This week's covid-19 analysis begins with looking at the death rate in various regions, then move on to maps and line graphs as usual.

The graph below shows the number of deaths versus the number of confirmed cases with the death rate shown as well.

So as many of us know, the number of cases in the US skyrocketed this week, the death rate there is still way lower than countries like China, Italy, Spain and the UK.

And here is the graph if we look at the population as per million

And here is a graph with the date of first confirmed covid-19 case and the total number of cases today (31 March 2020). Judging from the graph below, it is expected that countries like the US, Iran, Turkey and Israel's confirmed cases rise exponentially at some point.

Lastly, performed test and number of confirmed cases


World map of confirmed cases

204 regions are affected by covid-19 as I am writing up this

And this is a version combined with the data from the past month

As usual, I zoomed in to the Europe area and the US as well

Europe map

Although the number of confirmed cases and deaths rise every day, the general trend about the covid-19 situation in Europe is generally the same. Southern Europe countries like

The map from last week for comparison

The US map

As we can see, New York and New Jersy have the most cases compared to the rest of the states. The confirmed cases in New York is nearly 10 times more than California, where its population is more than New York.

Still, the situation in California is concerning, as Washinton used to be the most alarming state 2 weeks ago and it is now took over by states like CA, NYC and NJ.

The US map from 2 weeks ago for comparison

Now let's take a look at the mortality rate and recovery rate over time in different regions



Italy and Spain show an obvious increase in mortality rate compare to other countries

For the selected countries in this graph, the mortality rate of every country rises over time. Countries like Sweden, Norway and Portugal's mortality rate is higher than the recovery rate.

Other areas

And finally, the graph that everyone likes, originated from the Financial Times!

Although the number of cases in the US and Italy are the most, the curve in Spain and the UK shows the situation there are more concerning than the US.

Probably this way of representation is way better than my original version of simply recording cumulative cases over time.

Probably as everyone would realise this week, the number of cases in the US skyrocketed. This is probably because they tested way more people than the other countries, and as many already pointed out, the US population is much larger than other countries.

And here is the small graph the cumulative cases in the top 50 countries

Lastly, here is the shaded graph for the total number of cases.

Thank you for reading!

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