• Fish Wong

On Astronauts

So last time I have done a data analysis project on F1's data, after watching Nexflix's series - Drive to survive.

This time I decided to visualise astronauts' data after watching another Netflix series - Space Force.

Data is from the article: Population analysis of space travellers by Tatsuya Corlett, Mariya Stavnichuka and Svetlana V.Komarova

Let's first have a glimpse on where are those astronauts from and how much time they spent on space.

Although it looks like astronauts are from different continents around the world, most of them are from the Northern hemisphere instead. And as we can see, the number of hours astronauts spent in space increased dramatically since the 90s.

Astronauts' diversity

As we can see, astronauts' diversity grew around the 2010s. However, if we look closer, the industry is still dominated by male and Americans.

Woman in Space

Compare to men, women are the minority in space.

But look at this! Peggy Whitson is definitely a legend with more than 15,000 mission hours! Doubling the hours of 2nd place on the chart and ranked 9 overall (see the last graph). While she might be the woman who spent the most time in space in human history, Lucid and Helms have participated in more missions than her with a total of 5 missions.

Most of the female astronauts are from the US as expected, and most of their roles are MSP. It is important to note that only 7 women so far have made it to Pilot, while there's nearly 190 male in contrast!

And lastly, let's check out distinctive astronauts who have worked more than 10,000 hours in space :)